Transcript – Principal Ángel Gática – Relationship between the school and the community
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Transcript – Principal Ángel Gática – Relationship between the school and the community

We felt almost an urgent need to have an extremely fluid communication with the families. There was something that is maybe included in designs but that, in these times of pandemic, became almost imperative: to have a very fluid communication with families regarding what we’re doing in order to avoid conflicts or misunderstandings, which sometimes happens because a cold announcement might give less information than you desire. So we’ve been having virtual meetings every 40 or 45 days. And in the case of the in-person context, we have plans to hold in-person meetings with parents to keep on working.

In this sense, one of our characteristics is that we are a school community with a great sense of belonging, but at the same time very encompassing in this sense. I’m not going to brag, but through the work done in the last 15 or 20 years in the school, we’ve really taken advantage of all the tools that allowed us to maintain relations with other institutions, programs or agencies.

This led us to broaden the relation not only with families but also with other institutions that also had to do with— And our teachers’ profiles played an important role here. In my case in particular, we did very nice work with the Instituto Belgraniano; we had talks about, for instance, addiction problems, when we had this at some point, and we started working with them too. And recently we started to work often, and much more now with the pandemic, on solidarity projects with old people’s homes, hospitals and—something I loved doing—with other schools. Precisely today I was talking to the principal of a primary school in articulation agreement with ours, about capitalizing on the work done jointly with other schools, with the chance to do cultural interchanges somehow. I don’t know, they go to Córdoba, Santa Fe, that’s good too and we might do it, but we also have a lot of work with local schools.

We’ve also worked hard with the field of health, which is something we believe we’ll have to intensify due to the pandemic. We believe we must work with professionals that will help us take care of ourselves and allow us to detect things that, sometimes, maybe, we see rather late.